Hair Color Guide: The Best Way to Follow 2016 Trends


This year is the trend of hair coloring and that is why we made this hair color guide for you all who do not know to color your own hair. We found many modern trends of hair colors through this year. The existences of blonde, brown, red and even black are a bit shifted from time to time. Consequently, platinum blonde comes as fresh and trend for 2016. That is only one of thousand examples that we found those days. Do not worry because we will help you to choose through this guide obviously. Hope you enjoy your new hair later.

The first guidance of this hair color guide is by choosing appropriate hair color with your style and fashion. If you have no idea to start it, just mix and match with your skin tone. We have also show some trendy colors in this post by the way. Moreover, this step is crucial as initial move to change your original color hair since you do not know what the trend is right now.  You have to avoid traditional hair color like blonde, red, brown and even black to follow the 2016’s hair color trend. Some hot pink colors and silver could be a good choice if you have light skin tone.

hair color buying guide

We have a best method to choose your first hair color in this hair color guide. Keep in your mind that what result which you want to gain. In other words, you have to decide the results of the chosen hair colors firstly because it will directly change your image entirely. You have to get commitment with your new hair style. The trick is like this. You try out your new hair color by using temporary hair colors on the first week or month. This semi-permanent trick will help you decide whether the new hair is good or not. After getting the best color, change it into permanent hair color.

Do not be afraid to play with highlights. Two-tone hair color is better than you just have only one tone. Moreover, it is the trend for 2016 obviously. You have to differentiate between warm and cool color tones. If you are pregnant, please use perms. This kind of hair color is chemically prepared for pregnant women. Of course, you also need to consult with your doctor first about changing your original hair color while you are pregnant. Okay, we think that is all of hair color guide today.