Tips for Shoe Shopping


I’ll admit, I love shoes. I won’t say I am addicted to shoe buying, but there’s a certain rush I feel whenever I walk into a shoe store. I own shoes that have never even come out of the box, and others that rarely see the light of day. I know, I know — obsessive and crazy, right?

Thankfully, I’ve had to learn the best way to shop for shoes (and no, buying every pair on sale in your size that would look good “someday” doesn’t count!) and honestly, it’s helping curb my addiction.

Are you clueless about shoe shopping? Wonder no more as I show you my Top 5 Tips for shoe shopping no matter what the occasion may be!

1. Comfort

I’ll admit, I’m guilty of forsaking comfort for fashion. However, if you plan on wearing a pair of shoes frequently, they must be comfortable! Six-inch designer heels may look hot, but you definitely won’t if you are walking around hunched over in pain.

For a true fit, have one of the store employees measure your feet, even if you already know your size. That way you will get an accurate representation of the size shoe you really need. Oh, and remember that whole comfort thing? That also means never buying shoes that are two sizes two small just because they look pretty… not that I’ve ever done that. Ahem.

2. Timing is Everything

When buying shoes, the time of day you shop can actually have an impact on how those shoes will fit. Save your shoe shopping until the end of the day, when your feet are likely to be slightly swollen. This will allow a better indication of fit, and will ensure those shoes will continue to fit you even on particularly swollen days. Who knew?

Additionally, waiting until you’re already exhausted from your other errands may help curb impulse shoe buys. Hey, you never know!